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Heart of Darkness… Sorry… Heart of Hammersmith. Part Two.

Nick Hennegan gives an instant review of the Lyric Hammersmith’s ‘Heart of Hammersmith’ community production. And mentions again that it was his idea! 😳 There are some negatives with this production and its not surprising because emotionally and artistically, I’ve been planning it in me head for years. Some negatives, yes, but the cast, a…More

Heart of Hammermith – Part One!

Two years after Nick approached the Lyric in Hammersmith with the idea, they are producing their first community play. After the success of Maverick Theatres People’s Company in Birmingham, how will this shape up? Podcast Part Two will follow the show tonight! 😳 please comment if you’d like to! Listen to the most recent episode…More

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Nick after a night out.

Nick Hennegan


Nick Hennegan was born in Birmingham, England.

His Mom said he was, “more trouble than all her other kids put together.”

He felt sorry for his Mom.  Being from a council estate housing project his career choices were limited.  He tried to do the right thing for his Mom and get a proper job after he left school at 15, but his Dad’s factory closed and everyone got laid off, so he tried other things.

Now he mainly writes stuff.  Although he set up the Maverick Theatre Company on his old council estate in Birmingham to encourage new audiences to try theatre. And he was the first in his family to eventually get to university and now has an M.A. in Creative Producing.  And he’s won a few awards directing. And worked at Shakepeare’s Globe.  And won a bursary from The Society of London Theatre for producing.  And a Guiness Award through the Royal National Theatre. And A Sony Radio Award.  And he was nomintated for ‘Creative Briton’.  And ‘Midlander of The Year‘.  And his Shakespearean adaptations have received rave reviews around the world. And his last screenplay was voted one of the top 20 in the UK. And he has a weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4fm. And his podcast was voted No 2 Top Bohemian Podcast on the web!

His Mom might think this is showing off a bit, but Nick is quite relieved the factory route was shut off for him after school.  


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