Welcome to Bohemian Britain!

This website has just been launched. It’s an accumulation of around 40 years of a chaotic career, stumbling success and acclaimed failure. I’ve been writing, recording and following mad notions and ideas all my adult life… and one of my podcasts has just been voted No 2 in the top ten bohemian podcasts on the web!

Photo by Meru Bi on Pexels.com

So I thought I’d try and put all this stuff in one place. Theatre, broadcasting, writing, music, publishing and podcasts. And, of course, I love Britain. I’ve been all around the UK (mainly because I’ve not been able to afford foreign holidays!) Friends give me a cottage in Wales for a few weeks every year. My family is from Ireland. I’m about to bring out a ‘Good Pubs Guide’. For writers. It’s not about the beer, but the ambience. The semiotics of a bar. So watch this space. And please feel free to get involved and comment. Or if you’re a creator and you have a favourite pub, please write a 500 word review and send it in. The fee is one pint on acceptance – one pint on publication. My kind of deal…!

Nick x

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