Edinburgh Festival ‘21 – Day One…

It’s a long way from London to Edinburgh. A different country don’t y’ know. For the past two festivals I’ve written, adapted and directed numerous productions. My version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ actually happened in August, brilliantly performed by Guy Masterson who also co-produced my other productions – ‘Henry V – Lion of England’, our original Edinburgh hit from 1992 but this time performed by a woman,; ‘Hamlet-Horatio’s Tale’ , again performed by a woman, but with the sultry tones of Sir Derek Jacobi as the Ghost; ‘P.A.L.S.’ A tragi-comedy about four kids growing up on a council estate, and ‘Romeo and Juliet’, my footballing take on the bards best loved play.

But there’s something different about coming up without a show. I have three in mind for next year, but there’s a sort of decadence about not having to worry about your cast, the venue, the technical talents, the press and marketing, oh, and, of course, if the show is any good! And usually we’ve been rehearsing full-time for two or three weeks before the festival, so it’s a fairly busy time. Plus accommodation is usually about £1k per person for the month and is booked months in advance.

So it’s very odd looking for a hotel or guest house for just 5 nights. You have to consider price and location and it’s not easy! At the last minute, last night, I cancelled my hotel on Princes Street and moved to another near where my digs have been for the last three years. No real logic, but it felt better. And now I’m on the train (made it with five minutes to spare.)

No BoHo ratings yet, but I shall be marking the days based on productions seen, red wine/beer consumed and fellow bohemians encountered. The ratings will be

Noddy and BigEars – a poor Boho day.

Ernest Hemingway – a good Boho day that may end badly.

Francis Bacon – woo-hoo Soho!


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