Ed Fringe ’21. End of Night One. Marvellous Mervyn and Steins of Lager!

It’s late night In the Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh. I’ve just seen, for the first time, Mervyn Stutter’s act. I’ve known for years he’s done a show called Pick of The Fringe, but I’ve never seen it. And now, in this disabled, post-covid Fringe world, he’s apparently gone back 34 years to his Fringe roots, with a mix of comedy, song and… dare I say it…variety!

Mervyn Stutter.

Yep. Variety! I’ve know Mervyn for a few years due to the strange Fringe camaraderie that emerges from artists who want to make stuff – present stuff – make things happen – and know that Edinburgh has this now 74 year tradition. It’s a weird, mad and sometimes, but actually never really, bad space. It’s brutal, but brilliant. For the last two festivals I’ve had digs with Merv’s marketing team – an introduction induced by Guy Masterson.

And based on what I’ve seen tonight, and in spite of THREE Steins of lager (look it up, hic!) make sure you go see Mervyn. He does topical songs; adaptations of classics that are hilarious and topical. But his killer talent is his authenticity. Part of his show includes interviewing other artists, tonight singer Christine Bovill. And when Mervyn says he loves her voice, we know he means it and we are ready to love her voice too. Which we did.

There’s a reason Mervyn Stutter has been on the Fringe for 34 years. Maybe not the slickest, newest, hottest thing. But believe me, he’s quality. Mervyn Stutter is the real deal. Book now for next year! I’ll see you there!

RATING: ***** Francis Bacon – woo-hoo Soho!


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