Day 4. Edinburgh’21. Early. The truth about my film career after yesterday with Star Wars. And (Francis) Bacon is cooking!

After my brush with the Paparazzi yesterday, or rather my Fringe Umbrella’s brush (see my last post), I thought I should come clean to you. Because, you see, I HAVE been in a film. Yep, I was in a film, a full on mooovie. A Feature film. With Anthony Daniels 3CPO from Star Wars. And, in fact, another few TV shows. Although none as big as the moooovie! With other stars, Neil Morrissey and Michael Elphick. It was filmed in Birmingham and in fact ‘Elph’ ( as we affectionally called Michael Elphick), used his pub in Henry-in-Arden, Warks, as a production base. We had some wild wrap nights! And now I’ve mentioned it here, you’ll obviously know I’m talking about the classic film by Dirk Productions – the people working on the ITV series Boom – The classic ‘I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle.’

I was here!

Yep. That was me. Even though most of my role as Pete ended up on the cutting room floor, I gave some great dying as I was killed in the gym scene in the final film. as you’ll obviously know.

And thanks for appreciating my talent.

Neil also had his girlfriend and dog in the film. But they weren’t as good as me. Well, at least the dog wasn’t. I think.

In the death scene, the Vampire Motorcycle was actually a cameraman sitting in a wheelchair, being pushed around by the second AD. We were supposed to show fear! And as you’ll know. of course, my performance was sublime. Even though, as we were filming in the autumn, I really felt like asking the cameraman in the wheelchair if he wanted a blanket.

I wondered it the people on the Edinburgh Royal Mile had seen it too. Who knows..!

Even more exciting, in spite, or maybe because, of my failed efforts to get a ticket to see Pip in Francis Bacon, the Pleasance press office have said they may be able to help me. Watch this space! The bacon could be sizzling!


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