Whatever happened to these three wannabes..? The Waverley Pub. Ed Fringe ‘21, Day 4.

The Waverley would definitely count as a Pretty Bohemian Pub Of The Day and will probably feature as such on the London Literary Pubs Instagram later. (When did I become such a media whore? I actually used to have over 10k followers on Twitter – I started even earlier than Donald Trump, I think. But then my account was hacked. I now have…ooo… at least 20 followers!)

But it’s a great pub, with friendly staff and, important for us media whores… sorry… bohemian creators… it has good, free Wi-fi. If you’re in Edinburgh for long, you’ll know that’s a definite asset. It might be the hills!

The Waverley usually has a few fringe events too. And I wonder what happened to these three?


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