A Writer, an Actor, a P.R. and a New York Stand-up walk into an Edinburgh Festival bar… Day 4 EdFest ’21


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is back, but much smaller after the ravages of Covid. What do the participants think about this year? What about the future? Nick Hennegan talks to actor Tim Marriott, New York stand-up Jack Dennis, Assembly PR Hannah Bradley Croall and Assembly Marketer, Daniel Saunders in the Assembly Festival Gardens, for Resonance FM and Bohemian Britain.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bohemianbritain/message

Us, in the Assembly Gardens. Alex (Standup Jack Dennis) had to stand up and run off to do his show at Bannerman’s, 55 Niddry Street – 4pm ever day except Saturday. Admission is free. Tell him Nick sent you!

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