Heart of Darkness… Sorry… Heart of Hammersmith. Part Two.

Nick Hennegan gives an instant review of the Lyric Hammersmith’s ‘Heart of Hammersmith’ community production. And mentions again that it was his idea! 😳

There are some negatives with this production and its not surprising because emotionally and artistically, I’ve been planning it in me head for years! Some negatives, yes, but the cast, a crucial part of any such community theatre venture, is not one of them! Sure there’s the odd mumble and diction occasionally gets lost, but they are all eminently watchable and talented and their enjoyment is infectious and moving. Well done. It’s quite a young cast as well, but they were generally all well used and there’s a fascinating range of characters and local places. Even a sandwich delivery bike crosses the stage at one point, a stage lightly set with box like buildings.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Heart of Darkness… Sorry… Heart of Hammersmith https://anchor.fm/bohemianbritain/episodes/Heart-of-Darkness—-Sorry—-Heart-of-Hammersmith-e17fbqa


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