Be Sporty Irish in London Pubs.

GAA is Irish football… and obviously you have to live in Ireland to see it. Or have an expensive TV account. Or…

The local team!
The local team!

…or live near Fulham in West London! Yep, I had no idea either and as a second-generation English Irishman (we suffer worst than most) I happened to be in my local W6 boozer, The Raven, and noticed all these tables reserved for ‘the Fulham GAA.’

It was a fairly quiet Sunday evening. Although actually it wasn’t that quiet, because I was celebrating with the folks on the London Pub Crawl. Not the London Literary Pub Crawl I wrote, (touring Soho and Fitzrovia every Saturday, btw! Just thought I’d mention it!) but one created by our mate, Tex. Yep, he’s from Texas, y’all, and every year he arranges an itinerary of four days of pub-crawling around Picturesque London Local Pubs! A full report will follow, but tonight we were celebrating the end of this years offerings. But the REST of the pub was quiet.

But not for long! The pub filled with young Irish and London lads and lasses, and Dave The Rave(n) (affectionate name for the gaffer) hired a guitarist and a fiddle player.

The craic, as they say, was great! And, if nothing else, convinced me to check out the Fulham GAA. It’s one of the glories of living in a multi-cultural city. As in Birmingham, all life is in London!

The website is a little out of date (2019) but the contacts page and their social media are all listed if you want to know more.

And later, I’ll tell you why visiting – on average – SEVEN pubs a day for FOUR days is a rather good idea…Hic!


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