Henry V -Lion of England in Brighton. Sort of!

This is from the archive and features a 3 minute video behind-the-scenes of the production at Brighton Pavilion theatre. This was before I bought a Mac! How times have a-changed..!

Henry V – Lion of England. The Movie! (sort of…)

Hoorah! Me first video! This is very rough and is my first attempt with a little mini DV camera I got back in August for my birthday. Spot the not so deliberate mistake in the opening caption. November 2008? I think that should read 2007. 

I’ve also found an editing programme on this computer called ULead, and as it’s free, I’ve tried to edit with that. If you know any other or better free editing software, please let me know.

I’ve always been taken with the drama and power of the visual image and, indeed, wrote a storyboard for a film version of Henry V – Lion of England back in 1993. In 1997 (flippin’ eck, TEN years ago!) I made a short film for ITV’s First Cuts called ‘Boy, Girl, Boy, Bike?’ I may try and get it up on here, although it was made in the days before Digital media and I think I only have a VHS copy, so I’m not sure how the technology works. It’s about 12 minutes long and is a sweet rites of passage tale with the lovely kids who were involved in my production, ‘A Ghost of A Chance’.

This little film looks backstage at Brighton and is, I hope, a bit of a teaser for our Spring Tour, which is going ahead despite funding problems. Myself and Deborah, our part-time administrator, are going to pitch a bank for working capital, given the excellent tour Penny, the booker, has arranged for the Spring. It’s a bit more urgent for me than anyone else, as my house is on the line! But somehow I’ve managed to survive this long and my plans for the next 3 years will mean Maverick will be in a very strong position, if I can just get through the next three months…!


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