Theatre at The Tabard, Chiswick, London; Opening night party!

Get down to the brilliant Theatre at The Tabard! You’ll be able to see it from the street!

I wrote and directed my first play – Henry V – Lion of England, a one-person adaptation of Shakespeare’s epic play, in 1992. A working-class kid, who didn’t know Shakespeare, it held no fear for me. We put it on for 1 night at the MAC – Midlands Arts Centre – in April 1992 and it got ‘picked up’ by Starward Ltd. The managers of comedian Jasper Carrott, Phil Cool and others. They took us to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which kinda changed everything for me.

Us… well, them.. on the set… a lovely after show collection of local Theatre supporters. And actors. And Press. And some famous names.

Which is why, 30 years later, I’m privileged and fortunate to be invited to events like this, the press night of a little known classic, Bell Book And Candle at The Tabard.

A picture. Significant if you see the show!

It’s a great story. The forerunner of the US television hit Bewitched. A kind of reverse romcom, but with magic. To be honest, it’s not a perfect production – review to follow – but it’s a great conceit, and you really should try and see it. It’s heritage is also testimony to the talents of the new leaseholders of the Tabard Theatre, a husband-and-wife team who are, like many at the small-scale end of this business, complete and utter unsung heroes. So get down to the Tabard, grab a pint – and be Bewitched!

Bedford Park. WB Yeats lived here too. Come out of the tube and turn right and keep right. You’ll fall over the Tabard!

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